Monday, April 12, 2010

Breathing Praise

I once said 'praise the Lord' in my friends home and he asked me for what reason I praised God, he thought that God had done some miracle tangibly on that day and that is the reason I praised Him. Spontaneously with out thinking a second thought, from my heart I told him because I still am breathing as the Bible says I am praising God. He was a little bit astonished.

Yes my friend, the greatest miracle for which you can praise God anytime is that you are still breathing through your nostrils. The Bible says that your breath is in God's hand and physically it is present in your nostrils (Job 12:10; 27:3). I believe that Psalmist understood the magnitude of the miraculous breath that is present in man by the miraculous sustaining power of our loving God and Saviour Jesus Christ, that is why he cried out with all his strength saying, "Let everthing that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" (Ps 150:6). Notice he did not exhort others and waited to hear their praise, instead along with them he shouted 'Praise the Lord!' at the end. This is what I believe it means to embody what we preach. Once we leave this physical body, we cannot praise the Lord in the earth. So now is your time, say "Praise the Lord" loudly if you are still alive!

Praise the Lord!!!!!

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