Monday, August 9, 2010

The Generation X - Z

I really praise God that I am born in this 21'st Century generation of Facebook and Twitter. Today all the information in the world that we need for any area of our life is at our finger tip. I see our generation as the most priviledged one to hear the gospel truths and use the powerful networking technology of Internet. What ever God plan's to use, Satan produces a corruption and a counterfeit in it through our weak fallen sin nature and uses the same to destroy the good things that God has given to us humanity inorder to be blessed.

Today the same internet is used to spread the deadly spiritual virus of pronography, wrong and perverse networking sites of all kinds and some people even going to the extent of using it to kill and destroy others exactly like their father Satan who has done it in the past (John 10:10; 8:44). Because we have been given these privileges in this generation we should ask ourself these hard but truthful questions to ourselves, 'How do I use the privilege of Internet that God has given me, Is God pleased with the things that I am viewing, If Jesus were to see through my Browsing History in my browser will His heart be gladdened or saddened, Am I ministering to some one in the Net with the blessings that God has given to me and Am I encouraging someone who needs it desperately at the other end of the globe or my neighbourhood?'

When I use the privileges that God has given me, I always say to Him, 'Lord Help me be faithful in the little things you have given me (Luke 16:10, 12), thank you for helping me use this wonderful 21'st century technology for your glory (1 Cor 10:31), help me be blessed through it and be a blessing to others through it (Gen 12:2), keep me Lord away from evil and help me not to fall in to the same fleshly weaknesses again and again when you allow the temptations to test me in order to promote me according to my faithfulness (1 Cor 10:13), help me overcome sinful habits because yours is the kingdom, power and glory (Matt 6:13), even tough I fail many times when I am tempted thank you for lifting me up and not letting sin have dominion over me (Prov 24:16; Ps 37:24; Rom 6:14) and thank you for leading me triumphantly in Christ in order to make me live as an apostolic conqueror in Christ Jesus my Lord (2 Cor 2:14; Rom 8:37).' God hears such heart felt prayers and smiles over us if we really mean it from our heart.

Either we use the 3G... techonogy to build faith and glorify God in the small life that God has given us, or destroy it by unbelief and live in a ungodly way which glorifies Satan and the works of his demonic minions. So how are you living today? I encourage you to ask for God's help and believe that God will help you to use the technology wisely and redeem it from the evil one in your lives (Eph 5:15).

"Success is the world's criterion of merit; fidelity is God's." - Charles S. Robinson

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