Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Wise Before You Die

A wise person sets his earthly goals on heavenly gains.

“He who wins souls is wise.” (Proverbs 11:30).

Without eternity in your view, you can never become wise enough to save souls.

My Cry and His Beauty

Make me wise that I may not waste my time on earth,
Make me passionate with your heart beat that I may be satisfied for eternity,
Make me humble so that I may not stumble in the prideful arrogance of my foolish heart,
You are my Lord, You are my king, Just a look from your eyes is enough for me to pass through all my trials.

May my heart be yours and your cry be mine,
May I know all the things you have done for me so that my heart will overflow,
May we know heart to heart for which I thirst, though a thousand streams on the woods may hush my cry,
Yet I will say loudly, "I am yours and you are mine".

Made to love you with all I have,
Made to see your lovely hand, so many hands that seem like I have found,
Made to realise that it is all a deceitful band that tried to make itself seem like your soothing hand,
Your beauty of the hand of grace, never realised it until you held my hand.

Looking for a rejuvenation I said, "Where is my lovely nest so that I may really rest?"
Looking still I had unrest rising higher than a eagles nest,
Looking fully in to the recess of my heart I heard, "Come to me for you are heavy laden, for I am your rest",
You are my rest in this tiring storm I said, till you said I have given you a test so that you may rest.

- Abraham Israel

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