Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Copycats aren't God's best

God doesn't like copy cats and he is God of all variety, he loves to mix his blend of color, language, character, temper, lifestyle, values and finally make them benefit each other. It is like the greatest painter in the universe mixing the colors and finally bringing out a portrait of absolute irresistible beauty. It is like the cheif chef mixing all the different pastes, powders, meat and finally bringing a tasty curry that makes people drool even by smelling it.

I have seen that God places such opposites even from people born within the same family, so that a lovely balace be felt within. When a boat or a ship is overburdened on one side, what usually will happen? It sinks. Like in the same way, say there are three siblings in a family, all of them are possesive and angry extremely. What will happen? You can expect a hellish choas to happen soon, that may cause great sorrow to the father and mother unchangeably forever. Instead, if one child becomes angry while the other is able to tolerate this childs anger, the angry one learns something good from the other. This is how God usually places people within the family. The same applies to introverts, extroverts, moody, shy, wise and all other types of people.

People say, 'Marriages are made in Heaven," which is actually true if we have really sought God for a bride or bridegroom. God usually brings the partner who will support the other spouse's weakness, sharpen their strength's and finally enhaces the whole atmosphere in the home.

G.K. Chesterton beautifully explains such situations that God places us in our "to love" relationsip as, "Love means loving the unlovable----or it is no virtue at all."

In life, God doesn't place the kind of people you want around you in your life, instead He give you the people you need in order to teach you, to mould you, to make you love like Him and eventually to make you exactly the way you should be, exactly in the image of God's Son JESUS (Rom 8:29).

So don't resist, fret and fume for the people who are in your family, circle of friends, office, school and colleges, instead always learn to be thankful for the people that God placed in your life, so that you might have a chance to transform your image in to that of OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN (Matt 5:43-45, 48).

Be thankful to God for the people around you, when you are thankful for them, you will be able to give out the Love of Jesus and also receive eternal blessings upon your own life in the short time of your pilgrimage on earth.

When a man has gathered around him enough people who will always say yes to him without a second thought, you can be sure he has reached the highest cliff after which there is only a deathly fall to shame and destruction.

Copycats aren't God's best, so don't be one yourself.

"There is no place for love in a totally closed cause and effect system." - Francis Schaeffer

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