Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do Not Be Conformed to the World

Know This and Let Life Make Sense

When the world says, "You are the master of your fate, create your own destiny, you deserve the best because you are the best, feed yourself till you drop dead.....", it is a deception of the Satan that the advertisers use to stimulate our fleshly lust to satisfy our self foolishly.

Knowingly or unknowingly all these things when unchecked for a while or if we have been lethargically sleeping for a while spiritually, then these attitudes begin to clog our thinking. Slowly we begin to justify the corporate lustful selfish culture of want and greed as something that is acceptable to us and our God who only seeks for our properity. We start to perpetually satisfy ourself rather than to seek God and be satisfied by His Presence.

In our days most of the many television preachers too come to do the same satanic work to milk the money from their hearers and use the name of God to create more greed in the hearts of people. They say that if you sow your money seeds, God will be pleased to bless you. When can the message of salvation that is freely given be preached freely? Only when the people of God begin to open their eyes to pursue God and stop being greedy by rejecting these greed promoters. O what a deception!

Have you fed on your lust continiously and have seen the emptiness that it brings? Lust will never say it is enough, but will sap your zest for life until you go to the grave early because of it. Lust is an intense desire or want for anything more than the desire we have for God. I have fed to lust and have seen great emptiness in my life. I have cried to God for days together not able to bear it. You know the message that such emptiness conveys? You were not made for yourself but for God. St. Augustine who lived between the middle of the 4th century to the mid 5th century beautifully and poetically wrote, "O God, our hearts are made for thee, and they shall be restless until they rest in thee!"

All the crooked so called scientific minds that have tried to deny the existence of a creator for darwin's man from monkey theory or some one who have used big bang theory to say that it all came out of chaos with out any supreme being, have all been brought to nought by God. These men have missed eternity believing the lies of their master who is Satan and his demons. These people's mind were darkened by God because they became unthankful for the precious life that God had given to them in order to search and find their Creator who had created them because of His love towards them (Rom 1:21; Acts 17:26-27). These wise professors of the world have become fools before God and today they are no more. All the time we have been given to seek God and decide our eternal standing with God is given now. It is now or never. So do not waste your time but begin to search for God deeper and deeper in your life. The more you go deeper in God, the more you will find Him newer.

When you become older and older, you will never have a single second of regret for the time you spent to seek God in your life. Instead you will have a heavenly joy, peace and satisfaction of heaven that will keep beating in your heart to assure you that your reward is nearer than before. All the humans who die without much regret and with much joy are those who have spent their life to fulfill the will of God completely.

If only we could ask God to open our inner spiritual eyes and as a result see that we were made by God and for God, how much more this mundane life will start to make sense and give much meaning and satisfaction to us. LIVE FOR GOD NOW AND LEARN TO LOVE HIM ALWAYS, WHEN YOU DO THAT YOU ARE SETTING A STAGE FOR THE FIRE OF GOD'S LOVE AND SATISFACTION TO BECOME THE FOUNDATION FOR YOUR FUTURE LIFE. So learn to seek God and love God with your whole heart, I bet you will never regret for what you have invested your life for when you see the lives of others around you start to become more meaningless and crumble before your very eyes as time goes by.

“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus” — Blaise Pascal (French Mathematician, Philosopher and Physicist, 1623-1662)

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