Saturday, October 1, 2011

Be The Change!

"Embrace the change before the change makes you accept it unwillingly;
Change your perspective and the world around you will change.

Change will come because changes are the only constant that never changes;
Change your attitude and your altitude to overcome it changes.

Change gives you a new beginning and without change life infact will become boring;
Change your thinking and change the world around you.

Change rocks you out of your comfort zone and nobody will like it;
But comfort is good only as long as the purpose to be fulfilled in life does not change.

Don't try to change others, you can't only God can, so learn to pray to Him;
But choose to change yourself by letting God in and be the change the world is longing to see.

When you change you can be joyful, instead when you try to change others you will be miserable;
Why choose to change someone when you have the power to change the world.

If we accept change rather than resist it, the God who never changes will be happy to use us to make a difference for now and for eternity ahead." — Abraham Israel

Have a blessed SABBATH REST!

Yours in His service,

Abraham Israel

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