Monday, August 9, 2010

Use It or You will Lose It

In the days when Jesus was born on this earth two thousand years ago, there were no Bibles and books that he could learn from and read the word of God. But only scrolls were available in the synangogue where people would come and hear the word of God read by the teachers and scribes who presided over the assembly. Yet we see that Jesus just by attentively hearing the word read and asking questions from his chilhood in the synagogue, was able to learn the word of God thoroughly so that all who heard Him in the temple of Jerusalem were amazed at His understanding and anwers (Luke 2:46-48). If as the Bible says, " comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Rom 10:17). Jesus was the one who used it to the full extent even to this day I believe.

We are today enjoying umteen number of translations of Bibles at the tip of our fingers through the technology that we use today. But are we using today all the resources that God has given to us efficiently. "To whom much is given, much is required of him" (Luke 12:48). Are we using it to the full extent? If not I urge you to start using what God has given you already, others of all generations in the past have not been so privileged like us today.

Those of you who have Bibles stored in you cellphones, cars, laptops, i-pad's, etc..., use it to hear the word of God when ever you have time and as much as you can in quantity intake. Use it and keep thinking on the lines of the word, meditate on it until your body system gets filled with the word. You bet, before you start to realise what is happenning in your life (Matt 13:31; Luke 13:18-19; Mark 4:26-29), you will begin to have faith of the size of mustard seed to great faith which will shake the world and turn it upside down like the apostles did in the first century (Acts 17:6).

Think about it, if a faith that is of a mustard seed size gives you enough power and authority to throw an entire mountain of problems in to the sea of demonic source from which it has come (Luke 8:31) and find the great ecstacy of God, how much more will great faith make you live the abundant life of Jesus on earth in our present generation (Matt 17:20; 8:10; John 10:10). So get ready for the great spiritual revolution from the faith-technologists of this generation and as one among them use it to the full extent for God's glory.

"Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible." - Corrie Ten Boom

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