Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earthly Pilgrimage With A Heavenly Destination

Don't let riches--or the pursuit of riches--derail your pursuit of Jesus.

Many times we as Christians are more at risk of pursuing riches when God blesses us, than when we live through our times of difficulties. This is the reason the greatest blessing of God in a person's life is to cultivate a genuine dependence on God irrespective of whether we have things or not, whether we are rich or poor and whether we face problems or not (Prov 30:7-9).

Being rich is good as long as you are acting as a good steward in using it for the extension of God's kingdom on earth (Luke 16:9-13). But setting our heart in pursuit of riches will not only bring all kinds of evil things to happen in our lives, but also will slowly make us stray away from the faith in our greediness and will make ourselves get pierced through with many sorrows (1 Tim 6:10). Money is not the problem as long as we don't love it instead of God, but we cannot love both (1 Tim 6:10; Luke 16:13).

This is why God spoke through one of the richest kings of all times who had everthing on earth, but his heart was in pure pursuit of God when he lived on this earth. King David was a God foccussed man who was so blessed and satisfied by God that he said, "If riches increase, set not your heart upon them" (Psalm 62:10). Catch hold of this secret inorder to live a blessed and satisfied life in this planet earth. So what are you after? If you are after God, you will be the most satisfied man when you leave this earth. But if you are after money, you will leave this earth as the most sorrowful man. Be earthly satisfied and blessed as a pilgrim on earth who is bound towards heaven (Ps 84:5; Col 3:1).

"The devil comes where the money is; where it is not he comes twice." - Author Unknown

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