Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Would you run from church if this happened to you?

If you agree, please pass this on. It is said that 86% of the World's people believe in God. 
Why don't we just tell the other 14% to be quiet and sit down?
Just pray to God, Lord Jesus help me faithfully love you as you love me, pass this on, God Bless You....

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David W.Bourdelais said...

My Dear"LORD-JESUS"What have I ever done?-2-deserve even-1-of the many"BLESSINGS"that"U"have given"ME"?My only"REGRET"in this Life,is not having"BEEN THERE-4-"U"as OFTEN as"U"HAVE BEEN THERE-4-"ME"."THANK"U"MY"LORD-JESUS"-4-"U'r COMPANY".+I pray that"U"will allow "ME"-2-Remain"ETURNALY"in "U'rs",+may our"GOD"BLESS"U"JESUS"His"MOST-PRECIOUS-SON"+it is in"U'r Name"JESUS",that we"PRAY".- - - A-MEN - - - +Thank"U"-4-"U'r ENLIGHTEND APOSTOLIC COMMENT".I also injoyed the Pictures.Thanks again I'm outta hear! with Love,Honer+Respect from;the W* B* Dude - a.k.a.- David W.Bourdelais P.S.May"GOD"BLESS"U" + !