Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apostolic Inspiration

4 Points Golden Truth And A Prayer For You

1) No other person can intimidate you unless you allow your thoughts to rule over you.

2) Having your identity in God is the only identity you need to live an abundant life.

3) When you know who you are in Christ Jesus, you never have to be jealous about other people. Instead you can choose to love people just the way they are. You plus God is equal to enough.

4) God never wants you to be a success, but He is always proud to see you that you are already successful in Him.

5) This prayer can change the way you live if you pray it sincerely, "Dear Lord Jesus, Raise my gifts greatly but lower me. Do not give me more than enough so that I may become independent or do not leave me in great need so that I may be discouraged. But as exactly you have promised just provide me with all that I need, so that I may have all the things to fulfill your purpose for my life and be faithful to your calling. May my life show forth your glory and bring honor to your name. Amen and Amen!"

Much Blessings....

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