Sunday, May 18, 2014

No One Is Disabled Until They Lose Hope

Not Disabled But Only Differently Abled

"Though the world has fallen in to sin and the consequences of it has affected all humanity spiritually, physically, mentally and in all other areas of humans existence, yet the mercy, kindness and grace that we have received through Jesus Christ has lifted up humans above all our inabilities of our lives to give us all a meaningful existence with which we can hold our head high if we believe that God is good even though life may not be fair to everyone in the same way." — Abraham Israel

People who persevered to succeed despite handicaps and disabilities :

Beethoven (composer) - was deaf
Ray Charles (musician) - was blind
Thomas Edison (inventor) - had a learning problem
Albert Einstein (scientist) - had a learning disability
Terry Fox (runner) - is an amputee with cancer
Stevie Wonder (musician) - is blind
James Earl Jones (actor) - was a stutterer
Helen Keller (author) - was deaf and blind
Marlee Matlin (actress) - is deaf
Franklin D. Roosevelt (president) - was paralyzed from polio
Vincent Van Gogh (artist) - was mentally ill
Woodrow Wilson (president) - had a learning problem
Itzhak Perlman (concert violinist) - was paralyzed from the waist down
Stephen Hawking (physicist) - had Lou Gehrig's disease (of the nervous

This shows that people with disabilities are not really disabled but they are actually differently abled to bring glory to God in many others ways that even a physically abled person cannot do in the same way. A person can never be disabled until he loses hope in his mind. God didn't do a mistake in creating a good and a very good world, and then allowing it to be fallen in to sin. Rather to reveal the glory of God He has allowed even the bad things to happen so that those who believe the unchanging goodness of God could be able to see how God works all things together for our good at the end, even when it might be bad on the way to the end.

Much Blessings.......

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