Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep Yourself Positive By Rejoicing In The Lord!

Keep Boundin Up And You Will Stay Positive

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The following is the lyrics of the poem from the short film “Boundin” from Disney’s Pixar. I fell in love with this short film along with it’s terrific message and the amazingly cute animation a long time ago when one of my friend tagged me with it in Facebook. Now it sits on my computer, and my little son and niece watch it all the time. The great thing about this short film is that it coincides with the message the great Apostle Paul tried to convey to all believers saying, "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice." (Php 4:4). This is the favorite theme that I would love to practice in my life and also see others practice it too to experience heaven on earth. If we choose to rejoice and be happy by our good and positive choice irrespective of our circumstances, it makes God happy to shower more and more of His power and favor upon our lives. Jump for joy as long as God gives you life in this body, because each moment becomes a memory of a lifetime if we choose to be happy and rejoicing as God is working on our behalf behind the scenes to make all bad and good things of our lives work together for our good, and to give us a expected and a glorious future in the end. Never give in to self-pity to destroy your glorious life that should be used fully to be happy and rejoicing in the Lord no matter what. When you are happy all the time by choosing to rejoice in the Lord, you are making Satan and his evil cohorts sad all the time because they want you to be sad. To make you sad, they give you thoughts of self-pity that might make you think that you are bad, ugly and mad because you actually do not qualify and therefore God is angry with you, that is the only way they can make you miserable before God and people. Choose to think positively by being happy and rejoicing all the time through the Word of God and you will be surely having heaven on earth itself all the time!!!!

Enjoy the lyrics and the song:

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