Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prophetic Inspiration With Apostolic Truth

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GOD is building an end time spiritual army so powerful that Satan and his demons will be forced back to hell , 1000 years. Thumbs up!!!, if you are with us!


Here are some of the characteristics of the end time army of the Lord.

They will be young and old - Joel 2:28
They will be men, women, boys, and girls - Joel 2:28
They will be of every nationality (all flesh) - Joel 2:28
They will be "yielded vessels" - John 3:30
They will be willing - Psalm 110:3
They will seek His face - Psalm 24:6
They will be a part of ushering in the glory of the Lord - Isaiah 60:1
The glory of the Lord will be seen upon them - Isaiah 60:2
They will be militant - Matthew 11:12
They will be mighty - Joel 2:7
They will be skillful - 1 Chronicles 5:18
They will be bold - Joel 2:7
They will be have great faith - Matthew 21:21
They will speak with power and authority - Luke 9:1
They will be fiery ministers - Psalm 104:4
They will do great exploits - Daniel 11:32
They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom - Matthew 24:14
They will heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out devils - Matthew 10:8
Signs, wonders, and miracles will follow them - Mark 16:20
They will feed and clothe the poor and needy - Matthew 25:35-40
They will have such a love for their heavenly Father - Matthew 22:37
They will love all people, no matter who they are - Matthew 22:39
There will be unity and they will work together - Joel 2:7-8

The Lord's army will be kingdom minded and have these objectives; loving and knowing Him, souls and destroying the work of Satan (1 John 3:8b). This unity will come from an understanding, that each one has a purpose and a grace from the Father. Every one will walk in their anointing and calling, and they will not fight with one another out of envy and jealousy. The Lord will do away with competition, strife, and envy. This all will happen when we understand that we all have a place and a job to do.

Much Blessings...

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