Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Miracle That Stunned Doctors

The Church That Cured Cancer

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It's hard to say which was in worse shape: the run-down century old church or the cancer-ridden 56-year-old man perched on it's crumbling steps.

For years, Greg Thomas would sit on those steps and pray when he walked his dogs along the country lanes in rural Minnesota. But in May 2009, he learned that the searing headaches, earaches, and jawaches that had plagued him for the past year were due to inoperable head and neck cancer. It had progressed so far that the doctors told Greg's family to start planning his funeral.

''I was sitting at the church one evening, pouring my heart out to God,'' Greg says. ''I kept looking at the building and the shape it was in. I said, 'Before I leave this earth, Lord, I'd like to do something for you'.''

Greg decided that that something was to fix the peeling paint and leaking roof, and mangled steps and the rotting floorboards. He approached the church's association with a deal: He would completely repair the building on one condition: ''That I get a key to the front door so I can go in anytime I want to worship.'' He warned that it would be slow going--he had just gone through three rounds of chemotherapy along with 40 sessions of radiation and had lost 66 pounds. They said yes anyway.

Incredibly, as Greg scraped paint and replaced boards, he felt himself stronger everyday. ''My oncologist was blown away'', Greg says. Long story short....His tumors were shrinking, medical scans revealed. Four years and 23 days after Greg's diagnosis, his doctors were able to remove his feeding tube --the one they fixed for his life time. Today, Greg's tumors are gone! and he no longer needs follow-up tests. And the Church? After five years of Greg's labor and love, it has been restored to it's former glory too!

--From Reader's Digest

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