Friday, August 19, 2016

History Makers!

You And God = History Makers!

With GOD all things are possible

☝Abel + GOD ==》able to speak after death
☝Enoch + GOD ==》didn't taste death
☝Noah + GOD ==》became source of new world
☝Abraham + GOD ==》became father of nations
☝Issac + GOD ==》able to reap 100% harvest in famine
☝Jacob + GOD ==》became israel and father of 12 tribes
☝Joseph + GOD ==》became ruler of then mighty nation
☝Moses + GOD ==》brought whole nation of egypt to its knees
☝Joshua + GOD ==》conquered Jerico
☝Gideon + GOD ==》conquered vast amount of army
☝Samuel + GOD ==》the righteous prophet and judge of Israel
☝David + GOD ==》killed giant Goliath
☝Solomon + GOD ==》built mighty temple for GOD
☝JESUS + GOD ==》conquered Satan and saved all mankind

All men who trusted and followed GOD created sensation and history throughout the BIBLE. Never be discouraged that you are alone.

You + GOD ==》history is awaiting to unfold a new page each new day in the chapters of years that God has ahead for you in your life!! Always be a History Maker by being in close partnership and intimacy with God! Have a blessed time ahead with God dear brethren ⭐󾀔⛅☁󾭪!!!!

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