Friday, February 2, 2018

A Poem Written For The Weekend

A Weekend ReflectionPoem By Abraham Israel

A week has passed by,
Each day with grace and mercy;
Ever abounding with love and care,
The friendship of friends who sincerely dare to bear.

A family you have put me,
Not by my choice but Thine;
Such a sweet love for the problems I give,
The fellowship and care is Thine I see in them all.

A future so secure in Thee I see,
None so loving like You I met; 
Seeing the world I see the Glory of You Divine,
None so gentle but Thee I find, and praise You for all my breathe.

A thank you for the friends and foes alike,
In friends I trust and in foes I grow like You;
Eager to find You more because of seeing You in home,
Sweet home of a father and mother who taught about you alone.

A week has passed by,
My heart full of thanks and praise;
For all the graces of friendship and fellowship,
To thy Son alone be all the Glory, in Christ Jesus alone my faith be!


O.o°<*)>>>=[ ] =<<<(*>°o.O

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