Thursday, January 3, 2019

Truly Friends Are From God!

Friends For Life

Poem By Abraham Israel

Friends are God's gift to me,
Those by Grace I gaze;
To know them by what I see,
But known by God, you see.

Fiery blaze that burns within,
To these I share my heart within;
To set ablaze their heart I see,
Still unknow but well know by God, you see.

Fall of fellow humans in to sin,
These cut the eternal bond within;
To me it has caused a broken heart,
Sought God for answers through His Word, you see.

Full of life abundant my friends brought,
Till I was lifted up from pit within;
None but God united that has been divided,
Answers from heaven quickened by Spirit, you see.

Friends not just in Facebook to me,
Those united by heart for eternity within;
Then I understood the red blood that bleeds,
Saw not blood of blue, black, green, rose none else, you see.

Filled by Spirit and shared eternity to me,
The colors of rainbow not within but without;
The life united by the One blood of Jesus that bled,
Still divided culture but united Life in Christ, you see.

Friends are for life they say to me,
Those blood bought by my Brother from heaven who is Jesus Christ;
Them who were divided by color united by blood,
Children of one father and mother not in heart but flesh, I see.

Fleeing from sin by the life from afar received,
The flesh that divided but the Spirit united even without;
The Household of faith that unites the heart divided by sin,
Children of God by the One who united the heart for eternity, We see.

Friends who seems from far away land but can speak close to the heart,
Them who seemed far away were brought near as close as the computer click,
Those who can be touched on the screen held by my palms sometimes,
Solitute brought friends whom I sought, You see.

Father of all spirit who united us all by His Spirit within,
Those hand picked by Him and made to learn about the new life;
The life of His from heaven that is shared to help us take care of each other without;
Sin flees and life flourishes with the friends who will stay for eternity, You see.

Friend in need is a friend indeed they say,
To me the friend by the deed of Jesus Christ is a friend indeed;
Though the need remain in the world at large but only for those met by God remain true at all cost,
Saved truly by grace, friends encouraging each other to see that Day of all days, We see.

Friends I see, You see and We see,
They who are close enough and bound in Christ Jesus to stay for eternity;
Though some we lose day by day in spite of all the prayer we make,
Forever blessed because we may miss them now for sometime but soon we find.

Living we all together will see Jesus Christ who unites us all,
On that day called Rapture where we will all see each other;
Vital memories on earth are never lost but found without regret or sorrow we will find,
Ever forever to rejoice as redeemed by the One who did it all!

Truly it is a birthday for me everyday as I find new friends and old friends everyday in which I find joy,
The Word of God through which I encourage and bless to make each one's day filled with joy;
The joy of heaven that has come down in my heart united with friends,
Thank the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who has given them all!

For those who wished me the wishes of great peace and joy on my birthday,
Filled with Spirit I send a wish back to them of peace, prosperity and this poem by heaven's help;
Freedom to enjoy the Word and the Spirit may fully be yours,
Favored by God and fellow humans who will see again the image of God in you all year around!

Much Love and Blessings....

(¯`'•.¸(♥)¸.•'´¯)[ ] (¯`'•.¸(♥)¸.•'´¯)

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