Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love Is Ultimate

Loving God And Sharing It With Humans Fulfill's God Requirement

Many people in our generation want to be spiritual, act spiritual and live spiritual. But when they are told to keep the commandments by Jesus, they ask like the young rich ruler, "What commandment to keep?" (Matt 19:16-22).

Jesus told the young rich ruler to keep all last six commandments towards one's neighbor to make him realise that he cannot keep it without the help of God. This man said to Jesus that he has religiously kept all these commands of God towards people from his youth, but still he felt that he lacked something deep inside him.

What is that? This rich young was missing something inspite of striving to keep all the religious dogma of the jewish religion? This shows that religion no matter how we try, will not please God enough to make Him move on behalf of us and fill the space which He has created inside every human for Himself.

One of greatest theologian of all times and the first one God used to explain salvation by grace and grace alone through faith was Paul the apostle. God clearly revealed through him that we cannot be saved by our works (Eph 2:8-9). Only God can save us because He is love and because of it He has ventured in to our world to make a difference through His life lived for us and be an example to emulate. When we are saved, we are saved by God's mercy of His love (Titus 3:5). If we do not know love, we do not know God at all as He is the embodiment of pure love which has no motives behind it but love itself (1 John 4:8).

So for this young rich man because he was rich, the ultimate place where the love of God should have seated inside the centre of the throne of His heart, was filled with the love for money. Money and God cannot coexist inside our heart at the same time, either we can love one and hate the other (Luke 16:13). Money is a substitute God of idolatry for many people in our generation.

One should be beware of the love of money which can subtly take the place of God and will make our life empty with unwanted sorrow and destruction (1 Tim 6:9-10). Seeing our life in a bigger picture, we are all born and one day we are going to die and return to the dust. Then whatever we have done or acheived all the days of our life on earth will go in to dust. Then what is the meaning of life?

This is where God comes in. If we have not been created by a loving God, all our lives have no purpose on earth expect work and work and one day die. GOD HAS PROMISED TO REVEAL HIS LOVE AND PURPOSE FOR OUR LIFE AS WE LOVE AND SERVE HIM DAY AFTER DAY IN OUR LIFE ON EARTH (Psa 32:8). God's plan are only good for us and because of His love He has created us (Jer 29:11; 31:3). God doesn't want us to play religion and he never gives his blessing upon it if we choose to be religious by our own choice and for our own safety. God wants us to have loving relationship with himself. This is the reason we are given a life designed by God to DEVELOP LOVE WITH GREATEST LOVER OF ALL TIME, THAT IS GOD HIMSELF.

Every moment we spend our lives on earth to love God and man, GOD WILL START TO SMILE OVER US AS WE ARE FULLFILLING THE VERY PURPOSE HE HAS CREATED US. All of God's commandment will be fullfilled once we start to love God and show it to Him by loving people whom he has put around us in our lives.


No matter what, LOVE NEVER FAILS. Keep loving and enjoy living with God! Praise the Lord!

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