Thursday, June 28, 2012

God Guarantees His Beloved Sleep

Every labouring man is guaranteed by God with a sweet night sleep whether he eat little or much, but of course as we all know that even a full stomach of the rich man does not allow him to sleep because he will be worried whether his riches will be robbed in the night by someone (Eccl 5:12). This shows that a poor man can easily be blessed physically because of his faith that God will take care of his tomorrow by giving strength for him to work and earn, than a rich man whose faith will be in his riches (James 2:5; 1 Tim 6:17). A person can either have money as his god or God the Creator as his God, who is the only one who is worthy of all our worship. Those who go after the pursuit of earthly riches and start to worship money by giving all their efforts to acquire it will soon get drowned in destruction and perdition (James 5:1-6; 1 Tim 6:9). As for a believer who loves money will stray from faith in their greediness and will pierce themselves with many sorrows (1 Tim 6:10). Either money or God can be truly worshipped, both cannot be served at the same time (Luke 16:13).

Beware of coveteousness in which the whole world is drowning, people who have a car want a better costly one, people who have house want a better one and want to sell the old, people who get a good salary want some more in a couple of months, people who have a good job want to jump to another job seeking for a pay hike...such covetous attitude shows that people's heart are filled with all the garbage of the world and its earthly temporal things except God who is immortally eternal, who is the very reason and purpose for all our existence. In our end times in which we are living, why is this happening? It is a prophetic things that is getting fulfilled, God has already predicted that men before the destruction of all the world will be mainly lovers of money, themselves and pleasure (1 Tim 3:2, 4). Contentment is somethings that can hardly be seen in our times. But we who know God through Jesus, should realize that the world is passing away and a new world is being establised under Jesus Christ with whom we will reign if we live by faith and humble service to God through Him (1 John 2:17; 2 Peter 3:13; Rev 20:4).

Contentment should be cultivated day by day along with godliness, the combination of which is a great gain for now and for eternity (1 Tim 6:6). Realize that you brought nothing in to the world and you can take nothing out of this world. Then the basic thing we all need is to have food and clothing, once we have this we should be content to enjoy life abundantly with God and people whom God has put around us in our day to day life. When we are content in God we will always have a smile on our face, a twinkle in our eyes and a leap in every step we take while we walk, then we need not worry about tomorrow because God has also promised to provide to all our food and clothing needs if we keep on seeking His kingdom peace, joy and righteousness (Matt 6:33; Rom 14:17). Life is more precious than our needs and so we should be content with the life that God has given to us as a gift. We should learn to be happy and enjoy life in God all the time. Even Solomon the wisest and one of the richest of all the kings who ever lived in this world said, "It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows; For so He [the Lord] gives His beloved sleep." (Psa 127:2). When we have already seen that a labouring man itself is blessed by God with a sound sleep, then what so special about the Lord giving sleep to his beloved? The meaning is still deeper. So the translation goes like this, "Do not strive to live as the worldly people do by worrying about tomorrow (Matt 6:31, 34), when you are living just to eat and survive, it will make you sorrowful. So have faith in God's provision and loving care, for the Lord gives revelation of His greatness to all His beloved even in their sleep." (Psa 127:2). Praise the Lord! What more do you need than God showing Himself up in your sleep and making it happen when you are awake! Deja vu! Don't be surprised. Deja Vu is a English word adopted from the French word, 'déjà' which means 'already' and 'vu' which is the past tense of the verb 'voir' (to see). By the way because you are God's beloved, your life will be orchestrated by God in such a way that what will happen to you will be 'already seen' by you when you are sleeping. THOSE WHO TRUST GOD LIKE A BABY WILL SLEEP LIKE A BABY! KNOW THAT YOU ARE A GOD'S BELOVED AS YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE BY YOUR FAITH!


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