Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Light Dispels Darkness

The Word of God Brings Light In To Our Darkened Soul

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The word of God has the power to dispel the spiritual darkness that surrounds us while we live in this world, which is deceptively ruled by Satan and his cohorts through deceiving all human beings through the power of suggestion. All human souls have been sold to lies of darkness because of our sin nature within us which makes us sin constantly, but Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price to God by sacrificing His own sinless life on behalf of us all and have thus redeemed us, so that we can now choose to live in the light of God's truth of His word by agreeing with God that we have sinned when ever we do sin in our lives.

Living in the light has to do with being honest with God when the truth of God's word within us is quickened by His Spirit to convict us of our sin (John 16:8), when we agree with God that we have sinned when we do sin, automatically the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sins and will make our conscience become so clean to make us forget as though we have never sinned at all in our past (1 John 1:7, 9). Once the blood of Jesus cleanses our conscience, darkness is dispelled and we will continue to live in the light of God's blessings, favor, guidance, healing and restoration of all spiritual things, just as we were positioned before we sinned, to serve God on earth as we will serve Him for eternity ahead (Heb 9:14).

When darkness surrounds your life and it seems that there is no way out, just take the word of God in to your soul by reading and hearing it with faith. Soon the darkness that came in to your soul like a fog, will be dispelled by the sun-shine that comes from heaven through Son-shine of Jesus who is the 'The Word' given to us from heaven (John 8:23-24). When we have the light of God within us, we cannot and therefore shall not walk in darkness of lies from Satan who always makes his lies seems real when we are not quickened by the truth of His word (John 8:12). Satan has no answer for the bullet of the Spirit which says, 'It is written in the Scripture'. So hear the word and eat it, sleep thinking the word and speak it, pray by confessing the word and play the word to relax and enjoy it for life! Just as cockroaches run for darkness to hide when the light comes in to a place, so will Satan and his demonic minions will scurry for cover to run away again in search of a place in the heart of men where there is no light of the word of God in it, when you are enlightened by the truth of God's word from the Bible which illumines the person of Truth who is Jesus your Lord and Savior. Knowing that Jesus has already set you free by faith will experientially set you free from the grip of the lies of darkness of Satan (John 8:36, 32). LIGHT MAKES DARKNESS FLEE, TRUTH MAKES LIES DISAPPEAR!


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