Saturday, September 29, 2012

Danger of Anger And Unforgiveness

Walking Out Of Danger Zone

Anger of man never makes us to walk in the righteous purpose of God for our lives, in fact uncontrolled anger can cause both spiritual and physical breakdown of our health. We become angry when we react to situations rather than act according to the need of the situation by the power of the Holy Spirit. What should we do? We should be slow to speak, quick to listen. Never forget that God has given two ears to listen and only one mouth to speak. That means what is the ratio of speaking a word to listening others speak, it is 2:1 which actually means, for every word we speak, we should listen two words of those who speak to us before we should respond. When we do the first two thing rightly by the help of the Holy Spirit, then God the Holy Spirit will help us to be self-controlled and slow to anger (James 1:19-20; 1 Peter 5:8). The Bible affirms that, "He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city." (Prov 16:32). The devil can easily come in to a believer's life when uncontrolled anger is justified by them and allowed to continue in a wrathful way against anyone for any cause more than 12 hours time (Eph 4:26-27).

The other day a demon was making a believing woman suffer severely with much ache and pain in her body without any medical reason, when my Father, Mother and Me visited that place, she was not able to continue to stay in the house because of the strong Presence of God. Then she was brought to the house where she stood there for a while and then her face got contorted. Immediately I knew that she needed deliverance from the oppression of the devil. So when dad started praying, immediately a demon manifested itself. Then we all prayed and the demon left her immediately. Then by speaking to her and inquiring further we came to know that she had unforgiveness against her own son-in law and daughter in-law who both deserted her son and daughter by getting in to illegal and fleshly relationship.

Then we led her to forgive and bless both of those who have hurt her, unconditionally in the name of Jesus (Matt 5:43-48; 6:14-15). She did forgive them by the help of God the Holy Spirit and got completely delivered from all the aches and pains in her body which was tormenting her. GLORY OT GOD! What can we learn from this? We should not hold any grudge or ill feeling against anyone who acts in a high-handed, evil or a jealous way against us. We all do err at one time or the other, but to forgive is a divine ability that we get when we see Jesus who has forgiven us of all our past, present and future sins unconditionally. Anger is one letter short of 'D'anger, so beware of any conceited self justification, no matter what. Turn your eyes on Jesus and let go of all your unforgiveness in Jesus name! Very soon you will not only be healthy physically but also wealthy with spiritual blessings in every area of your life from above. May God help you in your spiritual life to be an example of forgiveness and blessing to many!!

Much Blessings....

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