Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God Hears Only Songs Of Your Heart

The Old Monk

Corrie Ten Boom used to tell a story about an old monk who sang a Christmas song every Christmas Eve for his brothers in the monastery, and for visitors who would come from the village for the special services. His voice was very ugly, but he loved the Lord and sang from his heart. One year the director of the cloister said, “I'm sorry, Brother Don, we will not need you this Christmas. We have a new monk who has a beautiful voice.”

The man did sing beautifully, and everyone was happy. But that night an angel came to the superior and said, “Why didn't you have a Christmas Eve song?”

The superior was very surprised. “We had a beautiful song,” he replied. “Didn't you hear it?”

The angel shook his head sadly. “It may have been inspiring to you, but we didn't hear it in heaven.”

“You see,” Corrie would say, “the old monk with the rasp voice had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, but the young monk sang for his own benefit, not for that of the Lord.”

What can we learn from this story? It is not how we sing that matters to God, it is with what depth of relationship we have with Him we sing songs. God is not concerned about how melodious our voice is but how pure our motives are in singing a song. We can give a good performance and also can make people happy with our song sung in a public meeting, but heaven hears only the song that are sung with a pure heart and a depth of relationship with God. It doesn't matter whether our voice is melodious or rasp, but our heart condition is very important to the Lord (Psa 66:17-18). Learn to sing and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth which God desires, and always heaven without fail will rejoice to hear your song (John 4:23-24)!

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