Thursday, October 1, 2015

God Lightens My Path — A Poem

Åρ☺ṧ☂◎ℓї¢ ℐᾔ﹩℘ḯґαт☤☺η :

"God lightens when our days are dark and gloomy,

He gives his strength when we have no strength,

The day of mourning suddenly changes in to morning for us,

Every dark corners of our heart peeped through by His glorious golden light,

The golden splendor and the silvery light together in one will seem so bright and beautiful,

Till the dawn in full splendor arises and the morning star shines brighter and brighter till the noon day comes,

Then God does seem to clearly whisper deep within, 'Though the night is darkest before the dawn, yet this glory is for you to hold till you see each dawn break forth in to noon day within.'

I said to myself then, 'Hold on the glory of faith that pleases him, may you my soul wait till you hear the songs of birds cheer you up and with expectation see the dawn break forth in to sun shine glory by the One who turns all the darkness in to morning for you each day.'" — Abraham Israel

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