Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Quote And A Poem

Åρ☺ṧ☂◎ℓї¢ Quote :

"When you know that God is in complete control of your life, you need not worry the enemies tactics to cause fear through his subtle and insidious work of attacking you behind your back to destroy your faith, as God is fighting all your enemies and is also holding you supernaturally from falling down. As long as you know that God is holding you, you should cheerfully realize that He knows how to cover your back at the right time so that the enemy will not be able to threaten you anymore once your faith is proved which is more valuable than gold and diamonds. I can assure you that with God you are safely on your way to fulfill your destiny of a lifetime!" — Abraham Israel

He Is In Control — (A Poem)

As you’ve been sitting, standing and working towards stable and steady walking up in faith,
Don't lose heart in the winter.
Don't stop growing through the storms of life.
Don't give up when you're cut down.
Don't say I can't when you're being cut and shaped.
Don't think your time will never come.
Don't believe Satan's lie that you are forgotten and unused by the Lord.
Don't allow your flesh and self to drive you mad when it dies.
Don't see the world that is decaying when it tries to convince you that it is alive.
Only believe that when you seem to be forgotten lying in the timber yard, that is when and where your destiny is shaped by God for a unforgettable adventure on earth and a reward for it in palace lifestyle accommodation of rest and eternal refreshment in heaven that is waiting to unfold for you since time began.

Much Blessings.....

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