Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Couple Of Touching Poems

— A Poem By Abraham Israel

"O the heavenly angels that sing along,
Come and join us for Christ our King is born,
Look not in the palaces for lowly He is in a manger,
So that you and I could be richly forgiven and cherished forever.

O all who sing with us join in with the heavenly choir,
Not in heaven but in a mall where Christs name is glorified,
Look not in to abundance of buying, but sharing through the voices,
The thousand voice of praises in unison glorifying the Master's birth.

O come all ye faithful saints to declare what He did for you and me,
Let all the world come to know that it is Christ alone who can redeem you and me,
From sin, sickness unto death, to joy, peace and life eternal to give as exchange,
None but Him can change your life, and make it new and help you renew each day anew.

Have no shame to sing before the world the greatest anthem sung for you,
It is Christ my Savior the Lord of life who has become the Lord of my life,
Let every one hear your song, with Christmas bells ringing around for all to see,
The baby who grew and died for me, not just for me but you too if you believe and see!"

YOU RAISE ME UP! — A Poem By Abraham Israel

"You raise me up when I am down,
When my heart is burdened I wait for you;

In silence you always come and sit awhile with me,
When I sit with you, you raise me up;

When you raise me up I can stand on mountains,
I am empowered to walk on stormy seas;

When you raise me up and keep me on your shoulders,
That is when I realize no matter what I go through I am strong.

As I am still and wait here in the silence,
You raise me up again to more than I can be;

As my restless heart beats so imperfectly,
I feel no life without you, my heart hungers more;

That is when you come and I am filled with wonder,
And I see the glimpse of eternity that raises me up to more than I can see!"

Much Blessings....

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