Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trust In Relationship With God, Not Religion

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People who do not take God at his word to trust Him, do not have the rights to expect God's goodness to keep continuing in their lives. God has prescribed only one way for sin's cure, one truth to receive His one heavenly life, those who heed it will reap the benefit. People who trust in religion often stumble at Jesus the stumbling stone, but those who trust in Jesus and continue to do so by throwing themselves at the mercy of God and His faithful Word, will live within the goodness of God for the rest of their lives and for eternity of joy which is awaiting for them.

No other name
But the name of Jesus
No other name
But the name of the Lord
No other name
But the name of Jesus
Is worthy of glory
And worthy of honor
And worthy of power
And all praise

People in our times are ready to trust anything they see, except God and His Word. God and His Word are one. Jesus was the Word who was foretold to come and fulfill God's salvation. Now Jesus is the Word who has come and fulfilled God's salvation and He Himself has become our salvation. This is what good news really is, you need to do nothing to deserve God's goodness and favor of God in your lives, but all you need is to trust Jesus with all your heart and hope in His Word.

D.L.Moody's words are worth recalling here, Trust in yourself and you are doomed to disappointment, Trust in money and you may have it taken from you. Trust in your reputation and some slanderous tongue may blast it. But trust in God and you are never to be confounded in time and eternity.

Do not be afraid of anything. Just trust in God and make Him your refuge and strength by holding on to His Word. He will protect you with His providential care.

May God help all of us to trust afresh in His promises which are given by Him in His Word, and may we never lose our joy and peace by keeping ourselves from praising Him for His wonderful salvation. May we not be religious to lose all the benefits of God which are given freely through His Son Jesus, but may we trust His living Word in the flesh [i.e Jesus Christ] through whom the written Word from heaven gets fulfilled in our day to day lives. If God is for us working on our behalf as we have trusted His Word of salvation, who can be against us? None...stay in rest as you pass the tests of life through your trust!

Much Blessings....

Apostle Abraham Israel

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