Friday, May 11, 2018

What Is So Special About Humans?

Are We Better Than Animals?

Animals have a way of communicating love and friendship among themselves that looks a little better than humans some times.

But when we see loveless acts of violence, hatred, racism, rape, homosexuality, bribery, injustice, adultery, deceit, lies, lack of forgiveness, vengeance, murder, and the like, we come to realize that man in no better than an animal in the forest that lives on without having the culture and nature of God in heaven.

Both Animals and Man was created on the sixth day, but the only difference between them is that, God made humans in His image to love, forgive, reason out logically and think, fellowship, take wise decisions, search for the Creator God and find Him ultimately....and more so.

When we see a generation around us that has no resemblance except some very few who come to follow God and His Words in the Bible to culturally, socially and spiritually educate themselves to godliness, remember, the very acts of inhuman atrocities that are happening around us in the world of our times are a test from God to open the eyes of every humans heart, and to educate all its inhabitants that they are just like animals without Him.

What does the Bible has to say regarding this scenario?

In the Bible Solomon the son of David who was one of the wisest man who ever lived, deeply thought about this scenario and wrote, "I also thought about the human condition--how God proves to people that they are like animals." (Eccl 3:18, NLT).

Without God filling our hearts, by us choosing to give our lives to the good news of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ, the cannibalistic behavior within us cannot be made any better in humans, even though we are living in the twenty first century science and technology unlike the aboriginals living in the forest. Man's nature to sin remains the same, God's invitation to all humans to receive His nature through receiving the forgiveness of sins that comes through Jesus Christ also remains the same as in all other generations of humans gone by. It is high time, to leave the animal life of fleshly indulgence and hold on to the heavenly life of satisfaction in God and His Spirit led life of holiness and godliness. 

Only a man who knows the depravity of his own heart, and who knows by realization that there is no hope in this world of temporary existence, to fill the thirst and longing for eternal existence within him, without falling at the feet of the one and only Savior of humankind who saves them all from animal existence [i.e. that which has no afterthought about eternal realities of life after death].

May God help us to realize that we are no better than animals without the Savior Jesus Christ helping us to live a holy life of godliness of love, grace and mercy towards God and fellow human beings.


Much Love and Blessings...

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