Friday, July 27, 2012

A Promised Mother's Comfort and Beyond...

A mother is the greatest comfort to a crying child, to a child of God in despair, God's voice is the greatest of all comfort that has the ability to bring delight in to one's soul. God's comfort has all the ingredients of a tender, affectionate and a compassionate heart of a loving mother. God asks the question, 'Can a woman forget her own baby, and not love the child she bore?' and as the answer is positive no, then God says, 'Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you.' This shows that God's love is the complete one out of which a mother's love towards her infant has got branched out.

Many a times in this sinful world which taints the love of God, sin had driven many women to throw their babies on the trash cans and also leave them on the streets and abscond away, many still are aborted in their womb itself and many still grow with their addicted mothers who show little or no maternal love toward their children. But knowing this God has told that even a maternal love may cease to continue and she may forget, but I will not forget you (Isa 49:15)!

O what a comfort to know the purity of God's unconditional love that has been promised towards us inspite of the sinful condition that we are battling through our life on earth. God hates sin because it destroys us, but love us so much that He doesn't want us to stay and suffer in our sinfulness. God rescues from sin time and time again as we confess it back to Him, then feeds us with His heavenly riches in our soul as we receive His forgiveness and get in to fellowship with Him and then finally He nourishes us in His satisfaction of heaven as we joyfully serve Him. May we all cry out to God in our moments of difficulties and receive a mother's comfort of embrace from our God! May we be fed with God's supernatural sustenance of the quickened word of God which is like a milk, given to us by God whenever we actually feel hungry through dryness in our soul. May His voice bring delight to our soul, lift us up in our moment of distress and pain to heal our heart and soothe it with His love.

Much Blessings....

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