Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peace Within!

Problems never becomes a problem to us when we have the peace of God within us. The moment we take our eyes away from the Lord and look in to our problems, the storms we face on the outside will start to slowly becomes a storm on the inside of us. A man who is strong on the inside always stands fearlessly with faith and serenity, no matter how many storms comes to him. With out God allowing storms in to our lives, nothing can come in to our way. We must be confident that the intensity of each storm is under the control of God who has promised us not to be tempted beyond our ability to face it. And with the storm, He will give us the grace to overcome if we have faith in His ability to keep us under His protection.

But why God allows such a storm in to our lives is to make us grow stronger on the inside with His supernatural strength, because only as long as we are present here on earth we have the opportunity to face such test. God does not want us always to be feeble in our spirituality which makes us spiritually weak and poor for eternity ahead. The present earthly life is just a race of faith which will decide the power, glory and authority we will inherit in the life on new earth to come. To expect a faithless peaceful life externally will make us to be weak and poor for the life to come. Once we die and go on to heaven with God, we have no such opportunity to grow in our spirituality. God has allowed the sinful world to bring troubles so that we who face the troubles of life can become spiritually equipped and blessed to live a spiritually powerful life for the glory of God on the earth and in the new earth to come!

Every humans being born in this fallen sinful world will have troubles and sorrows, but we have a choice to praise God before the storm, during the storm and after the storm which will fill us with God's peace and make us enjoy this life on earth and earn reward, authority and position for the new earth to come. So may God help us today to make us not focus on the problems we face but on the God who solves all our problems and works something good out of our storms. Whenever God stretches us beyond our natural ability through our circumstances and ordeals, it means He is making us accommodate eternal riches in exchange for our temporal space, time and material things. God is more concerned for our eternal future than He is for our temporal life, which He has given to us as a time of opportunity in the midst of difficulties.

"The best way to handle difficulty is to face it with faith and give opportunity for God to work out something good on our behalf and bring His victory at the end of it for His Glory." — Abraham Israel

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