Monday, July 16, 2012

Blessings On Your Head!

God's authority of His blessings sits on the head of the righteous to make them understand and separate the thoughts of the head from the heart, and as a result of it make a wise choice to choose the God things and not just the good things in all realms of life. The thoughts of God is like a deep stream from our heart and the wise will know how to drawn them out. Those who cannot go deeper than their soul thoughts are those who many times get deceived by thinking that their self thoughts to be that of God's thoughts. For example, a young man who sees a godly beautiful girl will first think that it is God's will for him to marry her. But a godly righteous man who operates by faith will not screw himself like that because he will always take his recurring thoughts to God in prayer to see if God is the one who says it, and will submit it back to God to live by His peace that passes his natural understanding immediately.

To get in to the right heavenly position and align our minds towards God's throne to receive God's thoughts in our head, we should understand that all His thoughts are like the heavens that are higher than the earth and His ways always higher than our ways. In other words, in the natural we cannot fulfill God's thoughts and walk in His ways without His help. God blesses the head of the righteous to think rightly so that with His help their thoughts might become words, words might become actions, actions might become habits, habits might become character and character might become their destiny.

Every righteous child, young people, men and women of God should remind themselves that no matter what they feel wrong about themselves, they should take their eyes of themselves and hold on to what is right by holding on to God and His promises by faith, because God has destined them for excellence in all realms of life. The next time you feel dry because of your soulish thoughts, place your hand upon your head to remind that you have the blessings of God crowned on your head!

Much Blessings.....

"Destiny is the strength of our God given desires, working towards our fulfillment, through God's ability to workout without our effort." — Abraham Israel

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