Friday, June 22, 2018

Inspirational Poem

The Shepherd's Sheep

— A Poem By Abraham Israel

Åρ☺ṧ☂◎ℓї¢ ℘☺em :

The sheep's of Jesus hears His voice,
He gently leads them to quiet pastures;
Then besides the sweet streams Jesus leads,
For there we quench our soul's thirst.

The sheep follows the Shepherd Jesus,
It will not follow anyone else's voice;
To Him they look for satisfaction and joy,
First to last that drinks the heavenly stream from within.

Sheep's will look for master and if they find not,
Stays close to one another to follow the other;
Though with frailties yet look to the master,
For setting a right example like your Shepherd.

Sin might seems very tempting to indulge now,
Stay away for it is fleeting temporal pleasures;
The master is never pleased when sin rules,
Flee it before fleas plague you to death.

Stronger is the anointing ointment than the fleas,
Sin might abound but blessings super-abounds;
The master's sheep stays pure and eat not garbage,
For the goats eat it because it is not the master's.

The master's life is what the sheep admires,
'I', said the master, in the midst of darkness;
Thankful all they are as sheep, hearing His voice,
Know within that no wolf may come near as He stays near.

Though lion, bear may threaten to destroy the sheep,
None comes near as this master kills it all;
To guard His sheep, His life on the line,
I stay near Jesus, said the sheep b'cos I am always safe.

He defends us all not with a sword but with His word,
His voice so gentle through His word I hear;
Him only I see to follow and none other worth a dime,
He's God my shepherd Christ Jesus who is my chief.

He who sits at His right hand gives eternal pleasures,
His grace never ceases to amaze me as I receive;
Him who the world heeds not but I hear Him always,
He's the Creator God whom I looked and got saved forever!

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