Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Bleeding Minister!

Pastors Are Human Too!

*He stood up to teach in our midweek service. The first thing he asked the church to do was to go ask someone "How was your day?".*

*Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each others back. Some even hugged themselves!*

*I smiled as I saw it all.*

*Guess what, no one came to the pastor to ask that simple question 'How was your day?'. Yet!, he was tired and it had been a really hard day for him.*

*Pastors and Medical doctors may have something in common - people believe they are fine as long as they are breathing! But doctors and doctors of the soul who are pastors, also have needs that are emotionally huge because of the stress of dealing with the stresses and problems of all the people to bring solution to them in their lives which they are called by God to do.*

*You are quick to ask your pastor "Are you praying for me?" But have you ever told him "I am praying for you".*

*You know how to accuse the pastor of not visiting you, but have you ever stopped by to check on him and his family?*

*You tell the pastor that you are going on vacation, but have you ever wondered when was the last time he had a break?*

*Your pastor smiles at you telling you "It is well with you" when at times, it is a prophecy for himself which does mean "it is well with you, but not for me which I am unable to express now."*

*A pastor can officiate a wedding just after consoling a bereaved family (Can you imagine that emotional switch - yet he must be stable).*

*Your pastor is human too!

Trust me, there are days he did not feel like coming to church but he still did! Some of the lovely suit covers the pains.

*I have seen pastors quit because of depression (true!).

Everyone knows how to find fault in a Pastor but not many know he has pains of his own and expects God to cover it by faith.*

*Everyone know how to judge a Pastors action, but not everyone want him to discipline them even if its part of his job!*

*Sometimes pastors put a smile on their faces and with strong courage, preach powerful sermons, pray for the needy then the entire congregation disperse leaving the pastor alone or probably with his wife yet he might be undergoing through hell and high waters in his own life. He lacks someone he can share his woes because all run away once they are filled to the full spiritually.*

*Do you surely inquire how his week was and what is troubling him, his family and ministry. Don't desire to provide for the ministry and omit the minister.*

*When you shop, remember your pastor, when you pray remember your pastor, when you go for holiday, remember your pastor and when visiting, remember your pastor and God will take the grace upon his servant pastor and give it unto you. When your pastor is doing well, you will be doing very well in your life because he is praying for you and your family always.*

*You can put a smile on your pastor!! Appreciate your Pastor. Buy gifts for your pastor and his family too. Send words and messages of love and encouragement to him.*

*Seriously, when was the last time did you call your Pastor just to wish him well and ask how he is? Distance is not a barrier but your heart attitude towards your pastor is!!!!!*

*Support him and pray for him*

*Remember, he has the onerous job of watching over your spiritual well being. The happier and more stable he is, the better he will discharge his duties! Help your Pastor to succeed! Remember, when the pastor succeeds, in fact you are together succeeding with him. Because at the end, you spiritual life matters with God and will stay with you for eternity ahead in the state you close you lifetime with.*

God bless our Pastors !


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